Ibrahim AlHusseini Supports Gender Equality Projects

Inspired by his family and a unique upbringing, Ibrahim funds projects worldwide that directly impact women and girls. 

Ibrahim grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in a Palestinian family, where he was reminded constantly that they were not “meant” to be there. With a precarious geopolitical situation there was much unrest and the stark difference between his Palestinian, secular family life and the conservative society he faced every day was something he struggled to understand. He also noticed from a very young age how women in his society were treated. He recalls often the vast contrast between Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women and girls, and his own father’s great respect for his mother. Ibrahim was taught that respecting women, supporting gender equality, equal pay and equal education are what makes a society stronger, better and more prosperous. He was also inspired by his Great Aunt Hind al-Husseini who was a Palestinian woman notable for rescuing 55 orphaned survivors of the Deir Yassin massacre, after they were dropped off in Jerusalem and left to fend for themselves. She later converted her grandfather's mansion into an orphanage to house them, which became a school providing education to orphans and other children in need. Hind was also dedicated to women's issues, establishing a college for women, and serving in the Arab Women's Union. Today, because of Ibrahim’s commitment to carry on Hind’s legacy and provide hope for the future of thousands of women and girls around the world, he uses his philanthropy to fund projects that directly impact women and girls rights.  He sits on the board of the Culture Project and The Global Partnership for Women and Girls and speaks globally about his work for gender equality.