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Ibrahim AlHusseini is the founder and CEO of FullCycle. He is also a renowned investor, environmentalist and highly regarded speaker. In addition to his work in sustainability, he is dedicated to advancing social change in the world and in societies that adversely impact women and girls. 

"Ibrahim is an absolute pioneer in the space of social impact investing. He’s responsible for countless people changing their minds and hearts about how they can play a role in changing the trajectory of mankind for the better."

- Lindsay Hadley, Co-Founder, Laudato Si’ Challenge

"Ibrahim is an inspiring human being and leader in investment alternative energy sources."

- John Mackey, Co- Founder and Co-CEO Whole Foods

"As a frequent investor in women run or women owned enterprises, Ibrahim’s investment allowed me to build a $10M+ business. I am grateful for his support, friendship and leadership."

- Kate Maloney, Founder of and RiseUP

"Ibrahim AlHusseini is one of the most inspiring, authentic, honest Keynote Speakers that TBLI CONFERENCE ever had. His integrity and honesty as to his journey and commitment to Impact Investing touched everyone."

- Robert Rubinstein, CEO TBLI at INSEAD Singapore